"The Shadows suddenly faded as the clouds vanished from the sky ; and there is no more writing on the Heavens, for that which was written was graven upon mine Heart."

Written Works, Poetry + Lectures

Project 01
  • Image: Untitiled (LIL)
  • Artist: Francesca Tilotta Maggi - Italy
  • Anno: Viii


Project 02

  • Image: The Priestess of the Silver Star (POP)
  • Artist: Blažka Strmčnik - Slovenia
  • Anno: Viii

Art + Music

Project 03
  • Image: Untitiled (ZEN - Part I)
  • Artist: Lewis Fuller - Australia
  • Anno: Viii

Podcasts + Interviews

Project 04
  • Image: Untitled ( ZIP)
  • Artist: Antonio Capursi - Italy
  • Anno: Viii


Project 05

  • Image: Eye of the Terrible Child (TEX)
  • Artist: Roberto Donato Maggi - Italy
  • Anno: Viii


Project 06
  • Image: The Coniunction : Part II (ZID)
  • Artist: Giuseppe Zappia - Australia
  • Anno: Viii
  • Greetings from Two Horizons

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    This website is dedicated to the celebration of the Spirit of Thelema worldwide and to the inspiration derived from varieties of religious experience encountered by Aspirants to the Great Work, as well as those orientated toward the Law of Thelema in general, thus in Service to the Great Order and in Service to Humanity. Inspiration may be fixed in many forms of Talisman, to be activated by the enquiring observer, and to be partaken of and enjoyed as a Eucharistic Sacrament in honour of the particular Deity, Force, Energy or Concept that is itself the eidolon of that Sacrament. Therefore, we present to you INSPIRATION from around the Globe, in its manifold forms of Art, Music, Literature, Essay, Lecture, and so on. In the Bonds of Thelema, and in the Spirit of Universal Brotherhood.

    Love is the law, love under will.


    • T.H.O.T.H:  The House of the Holy a Two Horizons Periodical
      Volume I, Number 1
      - Religion in Thelema
      Volume I, Number 2 - Taoist Alchemy, Eastern Mysticism and Chinese Medicine in Thelema
      Volume I, Number 3 - Initiation and Individuation : Jungian Psychology in Thelema - Expressions of Interest open

    • "SPARKS OF THE INTIMATE FIRE" lecture series, New Zealand - February 2019

    • IAIDA : 418 This exhibition served as a visual and audio celebration of the Mysteries of Liber CDXVIII : “The Vision & The Voice” bringing together artists and art pieces from around the world that are directly inspired by the divine gnosis that is encapsulated within each of the Aethyrs.

      The Vision and the Voice (Liber 418) chronicles the mystical journey of Aleister Crowley (1875–1947) as he explored the 30 Enochian Æthyrs, originally received by Dr. John Dee (Astrologer and Chief Advisor to Queen Elizabeth I) and Sir Edward Kelley in the 16th century.

      Running for one month, the exhibition included a diversity of styles aimed at expressing the individual’s unique interpretation of the
      divine” by artisists from Australia, Italy, and Slovenia.
    • Sol Phoenix Martial Arts is a newly formed Thelemic orientated style.  A blend of Eastern Martial Arts and Philosophy, with Western methods and Psychology. A holistic fusion of ongoing personal development and a combative fighting style that needs to be experienced to be fully embraced.
      "courage is your armour" - Liber AL III:46
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    "For in our infinite Space (which is nothing but our boundless range of possibilities) there is no need that any one should push his fellow aside. As there is room in Heaven for every Star to pass upon its Way unchallenged, so also with those Stars of Earth, which go masked as men and women."
    THE HEART OF THE MASTER - Aleister Crowley

    In support of Thelema

    Two Horizons is organic and will be updated regularly, providing a portal for people interested in Thelema and those who have already accepted the Law. Working and collaborating with Thelemites worldwide, Two Horizons will continue to link to and promote events and works as they come up, so please keep an eye out on the website and our Facebook page for updates.
    We wish to thank those who have contributed to our 'Links of the Chain" section.
    Two Horizons is an independent production by a Husband and Wife team.  We sincerely hope this portal assists you on your Journey, upon  the Path of the Great Return or the Path in Eternity, perhaps both or even otherwise.

    Links of the Chain

    The Great Alliance.


    Art and Music

    A selection of divinely inspired artworks for sale by artists.
    Please contact for details.

    Antonio Capursi.Aeon   Nox   The Blessing   Themis
    D. AllegrettoAstronaut  Angel  Black Bishops  Blue Box
    T. Zappia: All Things Are Love  Doorway  Heart of Cups
    Mishorka: Daydream little stories
    Thelema Radio: Ecclesiastique Summae


    Written Works

    Two Horizons would like to get works out by Thelemites globably that would otherwise remain locked away. In the interest of knowledge sharing and scientific illuminisim, we are providing a forum where by papers, essays and lectures can be enjoyed.

    G. Zappia:
    The Work of the Great Order

    DNA Fashion Parade
    Ecclesiastique Summae
    Ecclesiastique Summae (Italian)

    Frater Iao Sabao:
    Dio, l'Uno e l'Eterno

    The True Methods and the False
    Belgrade Working The Great Work Two Ways of Going Fr Iao Sabao translated by Fr G Zappia 
    The Belgrade Working: La Grande Opera, Due Vie per Andare

    Waiting Rooms